Village phone box

Villagers might be interested in the following information obtained from BT regarding the red phone box.

The deteriorating structural condition has been reported to BT . This has been logged to be assessed by BT engineers. No timing details for this assessment are available.

Any repairs that BT deems necessary would be scheduled for next year’s maintenance round, so any visual improvement is likely be some way off.

BT has advised that the only way to alter or expand the phone box’s use to accommodate e.g. a book swap or other community facility (such as a defibrillator), would be to look to “adopt” the phone box wholesale and have the telephony equipment removed, but which would then result in no village payphone service.

What are your views on this? Please share your thoughts with the Council or individual Councillors – by email, at one of the forthcoming informal surgeries/drop-ins, or at a Council meeting.