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Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Plan and why do we need it?

A Neighbourhood Plan sets out the future development of the whole of the Parish which the community wants to see.

Waverley Borough Council requires that we have more houses built here in Dunsfold. These are in addition to those proposed at the Aerodrome.

We are creating a Neighbourhood Plan that will include this information – and much more – so the village will have a say in its development, rather than it being simply left to be decided by Waverley BC.

We want this to be something that you – and all residents of this village – are involved with. We will be in touch with you regularly to seek your views on our work, including inviting you to consultation meetings.


Producing the Neighbourhood Plan is urgent and we really need your help as it involves a lot of work. So if you are prepared to contribute time towards this – if you have relevant professional skills or you could help with admin and organisation – we would love to hear from you.

Main stages leading to adoption of the Plan

  • Call for Sites.
  • Surveys of residents and analysis of the surveys.
  • Production of a Stratgeic Environment Assessment.
  • Drafting of Plan by the Steering Group.
  • Waverley BC check that the proper procedures have been followed.
  • A six week consultation with the community required by law.
  • Examination of the Plan by an independent examiner to check it complies with all legal requirements.
  • Waverley BC arrange a referendum of those on the parish electoral register. If the vote in favour is more than 50% of those voting Waverley BC must bring the Plan into force.


Minutes of the meetings of the Steering Group can be accessed from the panel on the left under “DNHP Meeting Minutes”. Key milestones reached are:

  • We have commissioned assessments of Dunsfold’s Housing Needs from external consultants: a desk study by AECOM and a survey by Surrey Community Action.  Links to these are on the left under “Dunsfold NP Surveys”.
  • We have undertaken a call for sites, the results of which were presented at a village meeting in February 2019. The feedback from this meeting is available under “Call for Sites”.
  • We have undertaken a village survey covering Parish amenities, The Common, housing, transport and business needs. Some of the results were presented at the village meeting in February 2019 and a full report is now available under “Dunsfold NP Surveys”.
  • Waverley BC requested that we produce a Stratgeic Environment Assessment. With the help with external consultants, AECOM, a scoping report was produced and approved by statutory consultees. It contains a wealth of information about Dunsfold and is available under “Other Papers”. We are working with AECOM to produce the final report alongside the Plan.

More information

Presentation on the Dunsfold Neighbourhood Plan at the January 2018 meeting
Presentation on the Dunsfold Neighbourhood Plan at the February 2019 meeting

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Send an eMail to the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Steven Haines (Chairman), Lynne Hamill (Vice Chairman), Dave Barton, Shaun Devoto, Roy Enticknap (Member, DPC), John Gray (Member, DPC & WBC),
Stephen Hayward (Chairman, DPC), Rupert Jones (Vice-Chairman, DPC), Bob Lees, Rob Nunn, Mary Ann Pryor, Julia Quaile (Secretary)