Village car park – update

Dunsfold Parish Council has been liaising with Waverley Borough Council over the condition of the village car park. Understandably, this topic has come up at the recent council surgeries.

The car park itself is largely excluded from the area of the common that is leased to Dunsfold Parish Council by Waverley.

Waverley has now acknowledged that inspection and maintenance of the car park is its responsibility. Waverley officers are currently arranging for a resurfacing quote to support a capital request for funding.

However, Dunsfold Parish Council has been told that Waverley does not have a current budget for any works. Waverley has suggested April 2024 as a probable date for repair, but if possible to undertake works before then it will.

Dunsfold Parish Council is looking into whether and how repairs may be expedited, and will update as and when more information is available.


Update: The potholes have now been filled by Waverley contractors, but there is concern that this is not a long term solution. The Council remains in touch with Waverley about the car park.