If you have ever tried to push a buggy, walk a dog, just chat side-by-side with someone on the pavements in our village as cars roar by, you will have no doubt been frustrated. And you may be pleased to see work is being done to upgrade them.
So, what exactly is happening? We have been liaising with Surrey County Councillor Kevin Deanus. As well as being Surrey County Councillor for our area (Waverley Eastern Villages) Councillor Deanus is also a Cabinet Member for Highways and Community Resilience.
Surrey County Council is responsible for maintaining these pavements and indeed all in Surrey except those that are privately owned. The work here is part of a wider project called Operation Horizon and they have an eye-watering schedule of work (available on their website).
There are different approaches to this kind of work – sometimes a topping called slurry is put on the surface of existing pavements or roads. This is a mix of aggregates, asphalt emulsion and water. But our pavements are being completely reconstructed using the existing kerbstones, with new tarmac laid – a longer lasting and more durable approach. We are pleased to see that is the case.
You may have seen quite extensive work is going on, necessitating some temporary traffic lights in the village. The width of the pavement being reconstructed will be 1 metre and 20 centimetres. Considering the width of the old pavements was very badly eroded, cracked and sloping off into the grass, the new ones should make quite a difference to pedestrians, so we are very grateful to Surrey County Council and Councillor Deanus for their support.
Talking to the team doing the work, they are not sure exactly when they will be finished but suggested possibly the second week of July. [Update: The work has now been completed]
Dunsfold Parish Council will let you know if we receive any further updates on the works and timescale.

Councillors Fraser, Lindesay and Shone