DPC approves submission to AONB extension consultation.

At the Parish Council meeting on 7th June 2023. The Council approved the response drafted by Cllr Shone to the extension of the Surrey Hills AONB to cover Dunsfold from Thatched House Farm to just past the bottom of Wrotham Hill (see map) this extension proposal will have an immediate impact on the area covered by the extension bringing more influence over planning and design decisions in the extended area.
Our proposed extension includes the field where the UKOG proposal will be sited, we have taken a view that the suggested and contested temporary 3 year exploration proposal should not exclude the AONB designation that the area richly deserves.
Council thanked Cllr Shone for a well researched and argued submission which balanced overall approval of the extension with a dreative extension which would improve an already welcome proposal.

The consultation is open to members of the public to make their own submissions of approval or otherwise at this link

AONB – Citizen Comment Space

DPC Submission content

DPAONB – Submisson

AONB – DPC response map