Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda 14th May 2024

Agendas Uploaded on May 9, 2024


Briefing Papers

Item 5 – Draft Minutes of Meeting 13/3/2024

Item 5 – Draft Minutes of EGM 27/3/2024

Item 7 – Meeting dates for Year 2024/5

Item 8 – Council Policies and procedures Standing Order 5j

  1. Standing Orders
  2. Financial Regulations – new model Financial regulations
  3. Insurance renewal 
    Report from Cllr Singhateh: 14/05/2024
    ” I have reviewed the insurance renewal documentation and believe that are policy is best left with Zurich Insurance. The policy provides all coverage needed with a A rated wording. However, I believe the Parish Council will need to undertake a scheme of valuation for all assets named on the policy to make sure that the valuations are correct as I can see no note of these valuations happening recently.”
  4. FOI Act 2000 – Publication scheme
  5. Complaints process

Item 9 – Review of Council Committees and Members

Current structure

Item 10 – Planning Notifications from Waverley May 2024:

Item 13 Bank Reconcilation

Item 14 Financial Items

14-2 CCLA Presentation

14-5 Current outstanding spending commitments 

14 -6 Community Shop Refund of Contribution

Item 15 Report from Commons Committee Chair

Item 16  KGV

Scott Ash Quote
Next Day Catering Quote
R Lawrence Quote
cas Quote

Item 17 Henry Smith Charity Accounts

Item 18 – Neighbourhood Plan

UVE Proposal

Item 23 – Payments made