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Kate Houghton

I grew up on the Isle of Wight, my passions were sport of any kind, sailing and riding.
I went to the local school……nothing miraculous happened there!

I took off to Tabuk in Saudi Arabia at 18, Celebrated my 21st in Sydney, onto Monaco and then to the UAE for 4 years working for the maintenance team of a large American hospital. My jobs varied from crewing on luxury yachts, typing, waitressing…..anything to make money and then more seriously to the UAE managing a team of 40 maintenance workers, mostly from India or Pakistan (being female in that very culturally male environment was quite a challenge, if not at times ridiculous!) and setting up new computer systems for the hospital etc.

I returned to London where I bought a flat and worked as Office manager/ accountant/HR/PR/hospitality etc! in the City for a Norwegian P & I insurance company.

I married in London in 1986, had my daughter then moved to the picturesque village of Brill on the Oxon/Bucks border where my two sons were born. In 1993 we moved to Belgium with our three young children.
When the children left Belgium for UK universities, I started buying, gutting, renovating and selling on flats in London. Quite tricky when you live in Belgium! So I do know a bit about Planning!
Anyway, after 25 years, most friends left Belgium and although my husband’s company is still based in Waterloo, Belgium, I returned to the UK last May to move into The Long House here in Dunsfold. All three children are now based in London and my sister and family have lived in the Hascombe area for many years.

I am no high flyer like some but I have common sense, I love to socialise and have the ability to communicate at most levels. I love my home, my family, my dogs and as time goes by, the community that we have chosen to live in for the years to come.