Council Members

Ginny Fraser


I have lived in Dunsfold for 19 years and love it. I live with my partner and our dog, Charlie.

I love the rural nature of our village; the green-ness, the lack of street lights, the fact we have just one pub and just one shop.  I’ve been a volunteer on the Bonfire Committee for many years, have run the Dog Show at the Fete for a long time and organise the distribution of Parish magazine. I’ve also volunteered in the Shop some time back.

I have had an amazing life thus far – with travel for work all over the world from Brazil to Siberia and lots in between.  I have met some amazing people (including Mother Teresa in Calcutta!) It’s been fantastic. But now the time has come to be closer to home and to use my voice, my time and my energy to being of service where I can here in Dunsfold – helping to maintain all those aspects I love – which making sure that any building that takes place here is in the best possible parts of the village for all of us.

I also want to address the quality and state of our roads and pathways and the common.

I work as a Leadership Coach in organisations so would hope to bring the skills of collaboration and good communication to the Council meetings and to our communication with the village.

I am keen that we, the current councillors, make ourselves as accessible to the people of Dunsfold as possible, communicating our decisions clearly and really listening to what you want.