Council Members

Ashley Alexander

​I am 34 years old, I have lived in the village for 4 years with my husband and two young girls, but Dunsfold is in my blood. My Family, the Whyte’s, have lived in the village for generations and as such it feels more than just a home to me. Dunsfold has provided so much for mine, and so many other families in the village which is why I want to give back all that I can and make it the best place to live, work and socialize it can possibly be. My professional background is in Nursing and my passion is in teaching swimming, which I do as much as I can.

There are many things I wish to preserve and change going forward, but most importantly I feel the Council exists to convey the needs and views of its inhabitants. This is the key for me, there are so many different kinds of people and opinions in our little village and I feel every one deserves a voice.

In terms of my own personal goals, I feel strongly about the following

Making the village as safe, clean and accessible for people of all ages, this means improvements made to public pathways, speed limits, dog fouling refuse bins etc

Preserving the outstanding beauty around us from unnecessary development and maintaining what we have in the proper way
Improve the sense of community, encouraging more community driven initiatives such as festivals, youth clubs, social areas and facilities etc
Communication between the Parish council and the community. Finding new lines of communication via social media and public notices

I have many Ideas in improving this village but as I say my main goal is get everybody to have a voice themselves. I am a constant presence in the area, you often see me walking my dogs (and children) around, chatting to all that are willing about the village and we all seem to feel so passionately about it. After the last 18 months or so that we have all endured, I think we all see things a little differently, I Just want to give all I can towards something important, and I feel helping Dunsfold and its people is something worth striving for, and I am incredibly determined to do so.